• Engineering product design and development, executing every stage of the product development process to bring products from concept to production.
  • Solid model design, synthesis and simulation.
  • Structural, dynamic and thermal finite element analysis.
  • Injection molding, investment casting, sheetmetal, ultrasonic welding and CNC component design.
  • Project management and turn-key solutions.
  • Documentation per ANSI Y14.5.
  • Photo rendering, animation and graphics.
  • CAD/CAE Tools:
  • ProEngineer Home Page

    SolidWorks Home Page


  • Medical
    endoscopic devices
    tissue sealing
    pathogen irradication
    blood center accessories
    dental whitening
    impression material dispensing

  • Consumer
    LED based lighting
    sports equipment

  • Military
    field surveillance
    runway lighting

  • Automation
    linear and rotary motion control
    pneumatic motion control
    custom semiautomated fixtures

  • Test Equipment
    precision test and measurement
    cycling machinery
    inspection fixtures
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